A Brighter You




Each moment you live, its meaning, and its possibility, is created through the lens of your being and the nature of your consciousness.

Raydiant Pathways help you live more fully and realize your life goals by literally "brightening" your being—refining and aligning your energy intelligence and evolving your consciousness to higher and higher operating states.

From a state of higher inner-brilliance, you are able to see new possibilities, act with more courage and confidence, and respond with greater creativity and effectiveness. All of this while enjoying greater ease and freedom.

A Day-to-Day Happening

Over the years I've worked with people facing many different challenges—from slow-to-heal injuries, unhappy partnerships, unsatisfying jobs, unfulfilled creativity, life transitions and loss, to difficulty just plain getting up in the morning.

Each of these challenges is made up of "smaller" challenges, that of encouraging yourself, being disciplined, being compassionate, knowing and speaking your truth, caring for your body, sharing your feelings and knowledge, being willing to learn, having goals, and so on. 

I've designed Raydiant Pathways to help you help yourself meet these day-to-day challenges with intelligence, presence, and creativity.

Each problem in life is an opportunity to grow. With each Raydiant Pathway you complete, you heal and evolve, strengthening yourself and expanding your capacity to experience greater and greater levels of fulfillment.