Blue Sky Coaching

The Blue Sky Coaching webinars will run throughout the three-month program. Each one will give you a chance to ask questions and make comments about the Raydiant Pathways you have used, and the results you experience in between each webinar.

Each webinar will include time for Q & A, as well as coaching Peter will offer to deepen your understanding of the inner dynamics Raydiant Pathways are designed to address, and how you can effectively use them to brighten your day-to-day reality.

Webinar topics may change according to the needs of the Blue Sky group.

Tuesday Evenings

7:30-9:00 p.m. central time
RSVP through the calendar.
Webinars will be recorded for your convenience. Email your questions two or more days in advance if you can't attend live.

June 6
• Turning Problems into Positive Possibilities
• Four Principles for Powerful Intention-setting

June 20
• Your Seven Primary Chakras: determining excess or deficient chakra function;
• Balancing an individual chakra in just minutes

July 11
• Your Telluric and Celestial Chakras: activating and aligning these higher Soul chakras
• How to use the Chakra System Attunement to bring your total energy intelligence into communication and alignment for any intention

July 25
• Making Your Claim on Life: keys to thriving and empowering your life by honoring your needs
• Power Up: move out of despair and resignation, align your will and tap your inner well-spring of power

August 8
• Open to Receive: releasing your barriers to connection, nourishment, and attracting your every good now
• Knowing Heart: connecting with the wisdom and courage of your knowing heart

August 22
• The Awareness Pathway: deepening your healing and restructuring your Mind with your inner light of Truth

Led by Peter Kime, creator of Raydiant Pathways and Raydiant Lightware, somatic-energy healer, teacher, and Raydiant Life Coach. With 28 years experience supporting clients to clear trauma, limiting beliefs, and self-sabotaging behavior, he developed Raydiant Pathways as an online option for mind-body healing and personal evolution.