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Hi, my name is Peter Kime. Welcome to Raydiant Day, home of Raydiant Pathways. I have been a healer and life coach for over 27 years. As part of my life-long mission to support people in sharing the Light and Love they are, I created Raydiant Pathways, a new online option for mind-body healing and personal life evolution.

LevelOneInsertThis is the culmination of many years of experience and research, and I am so excited to finally have it ready for people. Now, in just minutes you can complete a Raydiant Pathway for greater clarity, calm, and confidence. Use Raydiant Pathways to help you meet upcoming challenges or resolve long-standing issues and problems.

At the core of Raydiant Pathways is an interactive visual technology—images that morph as you engage with them. As you interact with the changing colors and geometries, you upgrade your light body intelligence, releasing limiting patterns from your consciousness and awakening to higher levels of function. It's an intuitive "inner-recognition" process that is easy, fun, and powerful.  

It's also brand new, and I need lots of people working with it to help me discover its full potential. So in exchange for your feedback, I'm making Raydiant Pathways available free through the Blue Sky Program (see insert right).

I hope you'll take a few minutes to explore the information here to see if the program is right for you (note links below). Additionally, we have scheduled several live Blue Sky Orientation webinars to give you an actual Raydiant Pathway experience, answer any questions you might have, and get you started.