Level One

Level One subscriptions are great for accelerating your personal growth and expansion beyond what other self-help tools may have offered you. The Raydiant Pathways at this level can generally be completed in 10 to 20 minutes. These core Raydiant Pathways are versatile and powerful and can help you shift from a limit or contraint to a positive, open, and generative place in yourself within minutes. To see the comparison to Levels 2 and 3 at glance, view the Comparison Chart.

Components of Level One Subscriptions


Chakra Pathway

~ Single Chakras

In just minutes, identify and rebalance excess or deficient function in each of your seven primary chakras.

~ Chakra System Attunement

Rebalance and align all the primary chakras in relationship to one another as well as the secondary chakras, the nadi system, and off body chakras connected to the earth, your master Self, teachers, and guides supporting your soul expression. and development.


Awareness Pathway

Gain awareness of important inner dynamics that are underway as a result of a healing process, treatment, training, or self-improvement activity. Get insight and direction, and use Raydiant Lightware™ to integrate this deeper truth to support and strengthen the changes you're making.

Open Pathways: Two Pathways

~ Muon

Set your intention and go directly to the lightware to begin your light body repatterning.
Finish with an Awareness Pathway or go straight to the Raydiant Seal.

~ Wave

Add Single Gesture pretests to your pathway process and bring out more aspects of yourself that need support to take the repatterning process deeper. Also get a powerful "Before" and "After" sense of the shifts you've made.




Open Pathway's Raydiant Lightware

    ~ Making My Claim on Life

    ~ Power Up

    ~ Knowing Heart

    ~ Open to Receive