Level Two

In addition to the core pathways of Level One, Level Two gives you more tools and processes to quest more deeply and engage more pro-actively in your personal evolution. Beginning with an upgrade to the Awareness Pathway Plus, Level Two also adds the Diamond Pathway, along with a fifth lightware panel, Align with the Divine, to the Open Pathways section, and includes three powerful Thematic Pathways—Fit for Life Mission, Hero Self, and Vital R & R. View the Comparison Chart to see these differences at a glance.

Components of Level Two Subscriptions


Chakra Pathway

~ Single Chakras

In just minutes, identify and rebalance excess or deficient function in each of your seven primary chakras.

~ Chakra System Attunement

Rebalance and align all the primary chakras in relationship to one another as well as the secondary chakras, the nadi system, and off body chakras connected to the earth, your master Self, teachers, and guides supporting your soul expression. and development.


Awareness Pathway Plus

As with the Awareness Pathway, use the Awareness Pathway Plus to gain awareness of important inner dynamics that are underway as a result of a healing process, treatment, training, or self-improvement activity.
Take the insight and direction you gain deeper, integrating the light truth throughout several body systems and organs, from the brain, central nervous system, skeletal-muscular, immune, endocrine, respiratory-cardiovascular, elimination systeem, to the meridian and chakra energy systems.

Open Pathways: Three Pathways

~ Muon

Set your intention and go directly to the lightware to begin your light body repatterning.Finish with an Awareness Pathway or go straight to the Raydiant Seal.

~ Wave

Add Single Gesture pretests to your pathway process and bring out more aspects of yourself that need support to take the repatterning process deeper. Also get a powerful "Before" and "After" sense of what shifts you've made.

~ Diamond

The Diamond Pathway deepens the repatterning by leading you through an In-depth Challenge process, which involves a set of touch points, movements, and visualizations to engage physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual body dynamics before you view the Raydiant Lightware.





Open Pathway's Raydiant Lightware

    ~ Making My Claim on Life

    ~ Power Up

    ~ Knowing Heart

    ~ Open to Recieve

    ~ Align with the Divine — L2


Thematic Pathways


MlevelFFLM~ Fit for Life Mission

Discover the domain of being fit for your Life Mission, even if you're not sure what your life mission is. Work with a lightware panel specifically designed to access the field of your life mission and repattern for what you need to do next to get fit for fulfilling it.



~ Hero Self

Be inspired by the example of people you admire to help you develop the hero in you! Engage in a simple process to help you bring out the traits of your best self, whether it is courage, patience, enthusiasm, honesty, boldness, tenderness, or strength.


~ Vital R & R

Go on this Thematic Pathway to help you get what you really need to have nourishing, enriching vacations and time off with family and friends.