Open Pathways

openl3iconRaydance and restore your light body for any positive intention or goal you have. There are five possible Open Pathways, each offering a different level of complexity and depth. All of the pathways offer you information about underlying issues that may be holding you back regarding your intention, and positive traits to look for as a result of your Raydiant Pathway. See below for a description of each. Rollover the pathway icon to learn about its name. Click through for a video introduction to Open Pathways.



muoniconThe Muon Pathway

The Muon Pathway is the simplest and likely shortest pathway (the time you take depends on how long you want to spend with each lightware panel). Once you've declared your intention, you  choose between resonant symbols to see what lightware panel you need as well as learn what issues are "up" for you. From there you simply view and engage with the Raydiant Lightware you've selected. You repeat this process until you have viewed all the panels you need, after which you can choose an Awareness Pathway segment or simply go directly to the Raydiant Seal.


waveiconThe Wave Pathway

Like the Muon Pathway, once you've declared your intention, you choose between resonant symbols to see what lightware you need. However, on the Wave Pathway you also complete a Single Gesture Challenge for each lightware panel you've chosen. Each resonant gesture brings forward other related dynamics that need attention that were not called forth through the simple act of declaring your intention. When you post-test with this gesture after the repatterning, you get an "in-body" before and after sense of the shifts you've made.


diamondiconThe Diamond Pathway

Whereas the Wave Pathway takes you into a Single Gesture Challenge process, the Diamond Pathway deepens your raydance by leading you through an In-depth Challenge, a more complex set of on-body touch points, movements, and visualizations to engage physical, mental, emotional and spiritual body dynamics before you view the Raydiant Lightware. These are not post-tested; for feedback on your Pathway, you have the option to add an Awareness Pathway.


osiconThe Os Pathway

The Os Pathway introduces a whole additional level of pretest challenges—the Universal Challenges. These challenges both deepen your raydance process as well as give you more feedback about the issues in play regarding your intention. These pretests address dynamics that are more global in nature than those found in the Muon, Wave, and Diamond Pathways.

Once you complete the Universal Challenges section, the Os Pathway gives you a choice to add a Single Gesture pretest for each of the lightware panels you choose. You will also have the opportunity to post-test the Universal Challenges, a process that gives you powerful insight into yourself and the changes you've made as a result of your repatterning process.


The Lotus Pathway

Like the Os Pathway, the Lotus Pathway starts with an option to choose between any of the Universal Challenges. The Lotus Pathway, however, offers you the most comprehensive set of pretest choices, whether you want to do a Single Gesture Challenge, an In-depth Challenge, or simply go directly to viewing your chosen panel. For example, you may find you want to do a Single Gesture Challenge for one of the panels you've chosen, but sense you would benefit most from an In-depth Challenge for another. The Lotus Pathway allows you to pick and choose from all the pre-test options, thereby giving you the greatest amount of freedom and depth for advancing an intention.


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