Raydiant Pathways


Aliess and I are very excited to offer you direct access to a new tool called Raydiant Pathways for being and becoming your most Raydiant Self—day to day being authentic, engaged, capable, creative, and courageous, turning life's challenges into opportunities to connect, create, and evolve.

At the core of each Raydiant Pathway you'll find Raydiant Lightware™, a technology I developed for personal empowerment and awakening. As you interact with the constellation of colors, shapes, lines and volumes, you effortlessly clear the negative imprints that are blocking or sabotaging you, and raydance your light body field back to your Higher Blueprint for health and success. Like the melody of a song that lifts you up, color and geometries are frequencies that can help you instantaneously shift to a more awakened, alive, and empowered state of being, able to contribute your gifts and cause positive change on the journey of your life and in your community.

Choose the subscription level that feels most purposeful for you. Come join us in person for classes, workshops, and private sessions at the Raydiant Day Center, located just north of Chicago in Evanston, Illinois.

Wherever you live, as a member, you'll enjoy discounts and special offers on organic, holistic products and services from our Raydiant Directory providers.


To do a Raydiant Pathway you:

1. Identify a place in your life where you want to change, expand, or heal.

2. Declare a positive intention to support yourself with that change.

3. Visually engage with the Raydiant Lightware™ on your chosen pathway.

4. Finish with a Raydiant Seal.

Four Types of Pathways

Depending on your subscription, you will get up to four types of Raydiant Pathways to choose from: The Bright Body Pathways, the Awareness Pathway, Open Pathways, and Thematic Pathways. We created the Open Pathways to support you to realize any positive intention you have for any area of your life. The Thematic Pathways help you explore your inner landscape and craft powerful intentions for vital aspects of living your life, and then connect you with an Open "Wave" Pathway to complete your light body raydance.

Each pathway offers you a powerful way to engage intuitively with your heart, mind, and Higher Self to release limiting patterns and restore higher function at the light body level. Within each pathway you will have options to determine the depth of your process, print a worksheet to track your progress, and complete with a seal to anchor in your new resonance.

Hover over the diagram above to see which Raydiant Pathways are included with each subscription level. For a simpler comparison, visit the Compare Levels article under Benefits. For more details, click on the menus below and register for an Introduction to Raydiant Pathways at the Raydiant Day Center in Evanston, Illinois.