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Good Candidates for the Program 

You are a Ray of Life, and your talents, creativity, intelligence, and caring make up your unique brilliance. Being able to enjoy the gift you are, as well as give the gift you are, is what we call Raydiant Life Fitness.  

We invite you to join the Blue Sky program if you are excited by the prospect of developing your Raydiant Life Fitness and are someone who is:

• motivated to engage in self-healing and self-development to transform your problems and challenges;

• interested in learning more about yourself and your higher light body dynamics;

• ready to commit approximately 30 minutes of time each week using Raydiant Pathways to heal and evolve yourself,

• able to have private time with access to a computer (Raydiant Pathways are not yet phone-friendly).

If you think the Blue Sky program is for you, sign up for one of the Orientation webinars, and start finding out all the ways you can put Raydiant Pathways to work for you!

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