Universal Challenges

Taijitu Challenge

The concept of yin and yang is represented in the taijitu symbol, where we find opposites existing in harmony. Life is understood as a balancing act of opposite forces flowing back and forth. Both aspects, yin and yang, are "good," "right," and "valuable," in proper proportion or relationship for the situation. The Taijitu symbol represents that ongoing flux as well as the possibility for right harmony of these elements.

The Taijitu Challenge helps you to identify if you are too yin or too yang with respect to your intention and in what way you are out of balance. You may discover that you are being too "soft" or too "hard," perhaps too active, or too passive, and so on. The Taijitu Challenge checks for 8 yang traits, and 8 yin traits. With that knowledge you have a chance to go forward and repattern to rebalance the dynamic.


Circle Self Challenge

The Circle Self Challenge activates four domains of the Self: the Upper Feminine (agency of higher purpose, declaration, and connection), Upper Masculine (agency of higher action, discernment, and sacrifice), Lower Feminine (needs, desire, and orientation to others), and the Lower Masculine (will, expression, and orientation to self).

Working with a lightware panel that calls these aspects of Self into action for your intention, you then write a letter of encouragement to yourself. From there you go forward on your Raydiant Pathway, choosing the lightware panels you need. When you post-test, you will again interact with the Circle Self Lightware and write a second letter of encouragement to see, feel, and further anchor the shifts you've made.


Road Trip Challenge

If your intention was a road trip, would it be an exciting, successful adventure? This challenge taps into your personal unconscious dynamics with respect to how you see yourself, how you see the world, and how you see yourself in the world as you move toward your intention. This is both a fun and powerful challenge, using verbal and non-verbal techniques for uncovering the issues and dynamics you need to address to fulfill your stated intention.