What is a Raydiant Pathway?


The Raydiant Pathways architecture is the culmination of many years of experience and training. Working literally thousands of hours in the lightbody fields, where memory of your experience is stored and your innate intelligence for health and success is templated, Peter Kime discovered a way to make images that effect change at this level of reality. Starting as pen and pencil drawings, these images evolved into Raydiant Pathways.


So just what is a Raydiant Pathway?

The short answer is a Raydiant Pathway is a pathway to your most authentic, intelligent, capable, and courageous self. Completing a Raydiant Pathway helps you turn past, present, and future problems into opportunities for healing, growth, creativity, and love.

The Process

A Raydiant Pathway begins with you identifying something you want to change or be different in your life—something important to you, big or small. Then, you set an intention to be who you need to be in order to bring about that change or difference.

Next, you are given a set of symbols to choose from. Based on your choice, you're taken to a feedback page and given instruction for reflection. This prepares you to work with the Raydiant Lightware panel—an interactive landscape of colors, lines, shapes, and geometries—designed to address the issues identified in your reflection process. (Roll over the image to the right to experience an inner brightening.)


As you engage with the elements in the landscape, through a process of field resonance, you automatically begin to restructure your light body intelligence for higher and higher orders of function. As you upgrade your light body intelligence, you also release negative stress patterns and limiting beliefs that keep you from being your best. Watch the Chakra Attunement video (right) to see this in action.

As the Raydance process works in the higher, light body information fields, the upgrade translates down through the mental, emotional, and physical body domains. While the deeper changes unfold over the coming days, initially people experience shifts in their energetic states—from a calm clarity to an energized lightness of being—as well as an overall renewed sense of possibility. 

Raydiant Pathways Blue Sky Orientation Webinar

Given the scope and nature of the Raydiant Pathway architecture, we realize a brief written description can't begin to do the Pathways Portal justice, nor give you enough sense of it to decide whether or not you want to participate in the program.

Therefore we've scheduled some upcoming dates for an orientation to the Raydiant Pathways Blue Sky Program. In each live webinar orientation, we will show you around the portal, the different Raydiant Pathway options, and their features. Most importantly, we will complete a Raydiant Pathway together so you can really see and feel what we're talking about. At that time we'll go over the Program, answer any further questions, and give you an opportunity to sign up. 

More Information

For more in-depth information about Raydiant Pathways, see the other pages we provided here on the website. The Raydiant Pathways "About Pathways" menu will give you information about the different types of Raydiant Pathways and the Universal Challenges offered at the higher levels. The Raydiant Lightware menu take you to the core technology and how it works, the different Lightware panels, and the story of my process creating them.

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