Aliess' Role at Raydiant Day

Aliess facilitates Raydiant Pathways both in person and online at your convenience.


Aliess has a true desire to help you fulfill your heart's deep purpose and create the life you consciously desire. She has a gift for hearing what your heart wants you to know and supporting you to hone in on the next right positive step for you. For more, read about how you can Clear Your Path with Raydiant Pathways.

She also teaches ongoing Nia Techniqueâ„¢ classes, a transformative cardio movement practice that results in holistic fitness, personal growth and lifestyle change for your body, mind, emotions, and spirit. For more about Nia, visit

Aliess also manages the Center for Raydiant Life Fitness in Evanston. She welcomes connections for program development and space rental. Contact her at 847-644-9834 to learn more and get started.