What Is Raydiant Lightware?

"Software" for the Light Body

Similar to utility software that locates and clears viral code from your pc, Raydiant Lightware™ clears and upgrades your light body, or bio-field information, by resonating with your master Life Codes.

Activated by Your Intention

Each lightware panel is made up of a matrix of designs that are activated by your intention and conscious engagement.1 When you go on a Raydiant Pathway and interact with a Raydiant Lightware™ panel inside a positive intention for yourself, the universal archetypal information patterns made up by the lines, shapes, colors, and symbols resonates with your light body information fields.

Through this resonance, the information fields that are "glitched" with negative imprints are reset and restored to their higher function. Imprints due to trauma and stress, interpersonal confict and other conditioning. even inherited "glitches" can be released through this process. You become "brighter" and more intelligent as you live more and more from your correct Life Codes for health and success.


1Things become what they are according to our project with them: for example a candle holder becomes a "hammer" if we use it to hammer a nail (though it might not be a very good hammer since it was designed to hold candles). When you come to a Raydiant Lightware™ panel for the purpose of repatterning your light body, you engage with the information there in a particular way—you cue up your being to resonate with the deeper archetypal information configured there. If you view the lightware purely aesthetically, no repatterning will take place.