Thai Massage

• Relax physically and mentally
• Relieve pain
• Enhance muscle strength
• Increase range of motion

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Traditional Thai Massage is a deep, total body therapy. The primary goal of Thai Massage is to release stagnant energy and facilitate the flow of energy throughout the entire body. During a Thai massage you'll receive stretching of your muscles, opening of your joints, and sufficient pressure to open your Sen sip energy lines.

Similar to other Eastern Oriental healing modalities, Traditional Thai medicine believes that energy flows through the body along ten major energy channels called Sen sip lines. When energy is flowing freely, we feel strong, peaceful, and healthy. If there is obstruction or stagnation in any of these channels then we can experience physical pain, illness, or disease. Manual treatment with Thai Massage can release stagnant energy and assist in the restoration of energy flow throughout your body.

Thai Massage sessions take place on a Thai futon-style mat on the floor. Wear comfortable clothing that allows for passive-assisted stretches. Joe uses his hands, elbows, knees and feet to provide firm pressure to your muscles and the Sen sip channels to restore energy flow. Joe also helps you work with your breath to bring you into a more peaceful, relaxed state. This allows him to go deeper into your muscles as you work together to improve your health. Sessions are usually 90 minutes in length. Receive the rejuvenation of a Thai Massage with Joe.

Joe Ingraffia is a certified Thai bodywork practitioner. His certification is through Thai Bodywork School of Thai Massage, an approved training program by the National Certification Board for Therapeutic Massage & Bodywork. Joe is also a National Academy of Sports Medicine (NASM) certified personal trainer. He is committed to healthy bodies and healthful practices, helping his clients attain fitness and personal health goals since 2010. Joe is an active endurance athlete and has completed over a dozen marathons. When Joe is not helping his clients develop strong, flexible and sound bodies, you’ll likely find him running, skiing, hiking, or biking on local trails. Call Joe at 312-848-5547 to schedule an appointment at Raydiant Day.