The Lightware

Raydiant Day uses several kinds of Raydiant Lightware to facilitate healing and growth. Most are interactive panels that present different designs as you move your cursor over them. Some are symbols or icons that are activated as you rollover them. All can be divided into three categories of function.





Three Types of Function

1. Lightware that supports opening or closing a specific field or set of fields.

2. Lightware to help you identify and bring forward an issue that needs attention.

3. Lightware that helps you reboot your Higher
    Blueprint for health and success.


The Primary Lightware Panels

The Core Six

There are six large lightware panels (Making My Claim on Life, Power, Up, Knowing Heart, Open to Receive, Align with the Divine, and Embrace the Journey) that make up the core of the Open and Thematic Pathways. These panels address the key dynamics for fulfillment in lifeā€”from validating your needs and fundamental right to exist, to strengthening your will and living from your heart, to being as open to receive as you are willing to give, to aligning with the higher cosmic plan for life and taking responsibility as a co-creator with life for generating joy, love, and possibility wherever you are.

Each lightware panel helps you heal and develop another level in the hierarchy of human development. You may find, however, that for one intention you need a panel that addresses first level development, and for another you may be ready to draw from one of the higher level panels.

As the lightware panels are quite visually complex, each panel has a symbol that resonates with it and the issues it addresses. Once you've set your intention and have started on your Raydiant Pathway, you are given a selection of symbols to choose from intuitively. This gives you an easy way to choose the panel you need.

(Move your cursor over any of the lightware symbols to activate the design. Click on it to learn more.)


pup 02

kh 03

otr 04




The Chakra Panels

The chakra panels are unique in that you follow a set path within the panel. This circuit is to be completed at least three times for best results. In addition to the seven panels to raydance the individual chakras, there is also one large panel that provides a total chakra system attunement.

To learn more about each of the six core lightware panels, the issues they address and the results they produce, select the name from the footer menu below. See Special Features for a chance to interact with other symbols, icons and other features.