Our Mission

We believe the Raydiant Self within each of us was born with unique talents and gifts to contribute to life. We're dedicated to empowering the expression of your Raydiant Self in your life—day to day being authentic, engaged, capable, creative, and courageous, turning life's challenges into opportunities for discovery, growth, and love.

We also believe that a vibrant, fulfilling life is founded not only on personal well-being and expression, but also on nourishing relationships with others and the community, including the greater and equally important community that is the living earth. So in addition to offering Raydiant Pathways classes and private sessions for your personal development, we offer workshops and events that support you in developing vital relationships with your community, and a sustainable, synergistic relationship to the natural environment.

Raydiant Day
1400 Greenleaf Street
Evanston, IL 60202




South view Classroom

North view