Ixion: The Foundation of Raydiant Lightware


After my journey with the Egyptian hierogylphs (described in An Awakening), my sleep pattern changed. Over the next year and a half I slept only 2 to 3 hours a night; the rest of the time I was aware of moving through many different altered states. Sometimes I got up and made drawings that seemed to capture or encode some essence of my experience, other times during the day I worked with various body postures to ground and integrate what was happening inside of me.

As I mention in An Awakening, during this time I was also training in Geotran, a language for reeducating the information fields. Through my spiritual experiences and extensive use of Geotran, both personally and professionally, I began to perceive various orders of the information field and the dynamics for composing a resonant pattern or inaudible "song" that would effect change at this level of reality—where thoughts, beliefs, and the resonant signature of our emotionally charged experiences are stored.

While Geotran taught me a preset language to change this level of reality, I began to formulate a grammar, or set of rules for composing my own integrative codes, codes that resonated with my own Master Records. I called this Ixion (pronounced eésh-e-on). By the end of the year-and-a-half, I had completed the Ixion1 grammar. Working with Ixion to reeducate my informational and energetic field bodies, I was able to begin dissolving and disintegrating negative thought forms, false beliefs, projections, and trauma imprints.


I continued making drawings in response to the different altered-state journeys I was taking in which I was working out an understanding of the information field of a range of human "dis-eases" and "dis-orders."  Since I had always heard that vision problems are often connected to psychological issues, I decided to see if I could clear the fields that were making me near-sighted.

Over a period of  about 14 months I did several field clearing sessions, releasing the trauma imprints connected with my near-sightedness. I threw away my glasses after my optometrist confirmed that I did indeed have perfect vision.

Once I realized this goal I knew I had something of value to bring to people. For the next few years I taught Introductory and Level One Ixion classes. While the grammar is not difficult to learn (it is taught through resonant images in conjunction with movements and mudras), it  does take a commitment of time and some dedication to practice.

During this time I was also making images for my clients to use on their own between sessions. I began to wonder how I could make images that encoded information that could have universal application. Could I make a toolbox of images that anyone could use without learning Ixion to help them address a whole range of challenges?

Answering this question led to many types of drawings, many stages in understanding how to encode complex information using line, shape, color, volume, and placement. And ultimately to the interactive Raydiant Lightware panels offered here at Raydiant Day. 


1As for the name Ixion, I combined the name for the Mayan star glyph Ix (eésh) with ion, a term from chemistry. Ix resonates with the qualities "heart knowing," "integrity," "alignment with Divine Will," "torch bearer," and "jaguar." Ix challenges you to use your will wisely in alignment with the Divine and to look inside for your answers. Spilsbury and Bryner, in their book The Mayan Oracle, further identify Ix as the architect, diviner, mystic builder, mathematician, shaman, and healer. Ix is also associated with the Eye of Horus, the all-seeing eye which can function as a passage into other dimensions. Ix oversees initiation into a "more expanded hologram of experience," as well as "the mysteries of lineage, the use of symbols and metaphors and the evocation of divine archetypal energies."

Ion brings us into the domain of embodiment. Ions are atoms or molecules that have a acquired a net electric charge. Because of this charge such a particle or molecule is interactive and fundamental in creation and change.

Understood in this way, Ixion is a grammar for creating reality according to the Divine Songs in our Hearts in alignment with the Divine Songs of Divine Source.