Resonance and Repatterning

forfurtherstudyField archetypal information is understood to be communicated through resonance, where like recognizes and attracts like. One way to think of this is how sounding of an “A” note on one stringed instrument will vibrate the “A” string of another stringed instrument nearby. The vibration has a particular signature or quality that activates the other strings that have the potential to vibrate in that same way.

Likewise the universal archetypal information of a given Raydiant Lightware™ panel resonates with the similar intelligence patterns that reside within you. These information patterns are what I call your Master Records or your Divine Blueprint for Success, and through the course of life's stresses and traumas some of the patterns can become "glitched" or contaminated, as well as overlayed with other people's patterning. 

The act of resonating with the higher universal information in each lightware panel results in the release of these negative imprints as well as a reactivation of your innate higher information. Your intention cues up or opens specific information fields, so when you engage with the lightware you are only drawn to the designs that resonate with patterns relevant to those fields (like attracts like). This is why from one intention to the next you may be drawn to different elements of the panel.