Special Features

muonsmPathway Icons

All the pathway icons hold a resonance for a specific purpose and quality of experience. They are designed to provide both inspiration and connection to the dynamics of the pathway you've chosen. They are there to support you at each step of your journey. Move your cursor over the icon to the right to get a feel for the Muon Pathway resonance.

heroselfThe Thematic Pathway icons are particularly active as they anticipate the beginning and end state of your process. For example, consider the Hero Self Pathway icon to the right. This pathway supports you in bringing out traits in yourself that you admire in others. Take a few moments to view the icon then move your cursor over it. View the new image. What do you feel or sense inside?


needtostartAwareness Pathway Symbols

The Awareness Pathway uses several different types of resonant symbols. Some lead you deeper into your process, some assist in integrating your higher truth in different domains of your light body. Others help you access your higher truth—presented in a group, the one you are drawn to holds keys for you.

For example, if you are drawn to the symbol at the left, there is something for you to become aware of right now. To get that key, move your cursor over the symbol, view the enhanced image for a few moments, and then complete the sentence that appears below it. (Note: the Awareness Pathway is usually done in conjunction with some growth activity as a way to support that work.)


circlemazeThe Mazes

All the major lightware panels contain at least one maze. Each maze offers you several paths to arrive at one or more resonant symbols. In some cases the lines are straight, in others curved—in each case the lines and their gaps encode a repatterning. This is why the "best" way through the maze is not necessarily the most direct route, but rather the path you feel most drawn to.

The circle maze above is one of the mazes from Making My Claim on Life. Think of something in life you wish you felt more entitled to. Notice how you feel inside when you contemplate asking for it. With the intention to become more fully empowered to claim it, enter the maze at any one of the four entrances and find your way to the yellow and red vase. Pick the path you feel you "need" at this time. Notice you may even want to wind around a certain area. Feel free to continue roaming around the maze until you feel complete. Now think again of going for what you were asking for. What do you notice is different?


In addition to these features, many of the Pathways include additional interactive lightware panels for helping you access and identify issues that need attention. We encourage to explore the all different Raydiant Pathways to learn more about what Raydiant Day has to offer.