Peter's Biography

An Ingham certified reflexologist, Peter opened his first wellness practice in 1988. Interested in the mind-body relationship to illness, he spent seven years exploring bio-energetics, polarity touch therapies, meditation practices, and the role of personal narrative in well-being. He combined this work with his extensive training in human potential to support his clients in looking holistically at their challenges, helping them to heal and learn from their "wounds," and develop healthier attitudes and behaviors.

In 1997, Peter experienced a multi-dimensional journey that initiated a three-year spiritual process. During this time he received guidance and training from his higher dimensional teachers. As a result of this deep spiritual process, Peter is able to access and help restore the archetypal fields you use to construct your consciousness and reality—from your ability to accumulate wealth and embrace love, to beliefs that produce self-sabotaging behavior and ill-health. Out of this understanding, he created Raydiant Lightware™ to offer people a set of tools that they can use on their own for clearing negative patterns and restoring their higher blueprint for health and fulfillment.

He has spent the last ten years deepening his understanding of the human light body, energy pathways, archetypes, and personality structure, and their role in determining the construction of self and experience. More recently, he has been studying infant reflex development and its role in establishing brain and central nervous system health, and its effect on human potential. For issues at this level, he incorporates specific rhythmic movements along with light body restructuring, a process that benefits both children and adults.