Peter's Training

Dorothy Espiau & Kim Herkert: Determinations: A Life of Balance, A Life of Bliss; Divine Placement—Feng Shui; Gems of Excellence I & II; Journey to the Heart of God; The Point of Excellence; Power Integration; Soul Dynamic Integration; the Standard of Excellence  

Dorothy Espiau & Kam Kettering: Espiau Allergy Technique; Solutions Endocrinological Tracings; Solutions Neurological Tracings; Solutions V Celestial Homecoming; Solutions VI Mind's Eye; Solutions VII Love, One to Another.

Bio-energetics and Holotropic Breathwork:  Postures and breathwork to clear trauma and integrate the energy body for health and mental-emotional well-being.

The Turning Point: Meditation and bio-energetic practices for more integrated, higher functioning living.

Transcendental Meditation


Center for Exceptional Living for personal and relationship development with Judith Wright.

Men's Guild (7yrs): Exploring men's roles, competition, expression, intimacy, leadership and spiritual development with Bob Wright and Bob Kaufman.

Pathwork Relationships, Susan and Donovan Thesenga  Exploring and clearing blocks to love and intimacy.

Landmark Education
Trainings: The Forum; The Six Day Advanced Course; Mastery of Empowerment; Communication I: Access to Power; Communication II: Power to Create; More Time.

Seminars: Breakthroughs—Living Outside the Box; Creativity—Life by Design; Commitment—The Pathway to Adventure; Excellence—In the Zone; Integrity—The Bottom Line; Money—From Concern to Freedom; Sex and Intimacy—From Predicament to Possibility.

Introduction to the Forum Leaders Program year long program.


American Institute of Learning and Cognitive Development  Training in cognitive skills testing and remediation to address challenges with concentration and learning, performance anxiety, and interpersonal skills.

Rhythmic Movement Training, Harald Blomberg and Moira Dempsey:  Levels 1, 2, 3 & 4  Remediation of incomplete infant reflex integration to address issues such as ADHD, COD, fatigue, depression, anixiety, learning disabilities.

Brain Gym, Level 1  Movement training for whole brain function.

Reflexology, Ingham Certification



MA, University of Illinois
MFA, Washington University, St. Louis
BA, Denver University

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