Awareness Pathway

awarenesssmallGain powerful insight and direction with regard to any therapy, healing, treatment, or training activity you are already engaged in. Use the Awareness Pathway to magnify and deepen the positive results you are getting through acupuncture, chiropractic, psychotherapy, massage, meditation, NIA, reiki, yoga—virtually any healing or growth process.

How It Works

The process is intuitive and involves choosing between different symbols that resonate with a set of inner dynamics. You will be drawn to a given symbol if you need to learn about and engage with this dynamic within yourself. For example, you may discover that it is time to start or stop something in your life. Or you may get in touch with an aspect of yourself or your life that you are building, or a lesson you are learning.

Viewing the symbol activates the related dynamic within you, making it easier for you to become aware of and work with this aspect of yourself.

Once you connect with the truth you need to hear, you bring the power of this truth to different aspects of yourself using Raydiant Lightware, a process that both magnifies and deepens the positive development that is underway within you.

The Awareness Pathway Plus

Offered to Level Two and Level Three members, the Awareness Pathway Plus gives you the opportunity to integrate your truth awareness throughout the fields of the body, including the brain, central nervous system, skeletal-muscular, respiratory-cardiovascular, immune, endocrine, and elimination systems, as well as the energy pathways of meridian and chakra systems. This provides an even more profound level of light body support, affecting field dynamics at the cellular, interstitial, tissue, bone and organ levels.