Clear Your Path


To clear your path for a positive new outcome in your life, Aliess will guide you through a mini Q&A with sentence prompts. This helps you uncover what part you can play in creating the new outcome you seek.

From there, she helps you articulate a statement of the new reality you're seeking for your situation. This is stated in positive, present tense, as if it's already true. Starting in this way allows your higher intelligence to cue up the beliefs and patterns that are keeping your old reality playing and gets you ready to let them go.


Some samples of what you can disappear with a Raydiant Pathway in as little as 30-60 minutes include:

- Following other people's agendas more than your own
- Being stopped by your fears
- Feeling afraid of conflict
- Having trouble forgiving yourself
- Having difficulty asking for things

After your Raydiant Pathway, some results you may notice include:

  • + Greater ability to know what you want and be in action to get it
    + Increased positive self-talk
    + Being able to bring more compassion to yourself
    + Having greater courage and confidence

+ Produce positive outcomes with greater ease and velocity

Call Aliess at 847-644-9834 to make an appointment today. 


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