Tune Up Your Energy

chakrasmallTo tune up your energy and the automatic flow of your body's energy intelligence, Aliess uses the Bright Body Pathways, also known as chakras, to restore balance and communication between your chakras.

The energy intelligence of our chakras forms the foundation of our capacity to think, speak, listen, love, and create.

Drawing upon single chakra balances for one or more of your seven primary chakras, a chakra system attunement to synchronize and tune up the way your chakras are exchanging information with each other, and your essence pathways for subtle non-verbal communication, Aliess can support you in tuning up your energy for any goal that's vitally important to you, like a fitness goal, important meeting, presentation, or negotiation.

Experience more energy, clarity, and seamless flow in both thought and speech, whether your listener or relationship is professional or personal, whether a superior that makes you nervous, a big audience, a colleague threatening your success, or an intimate friend or lover with whom you want to connect more deeply. For personal goals, you will experience more mental focus, more physical energy and vitality, and less resistance. Take needed actions with ease!

Bright Body Pathways can range in duration from as little as 30 minutes to 45 or 60, depending on the nature of your goal and how intense the stress, fear, or energetic charge you need to clear.

You will experience the best results when you take a Bright Body Pathway with Aliess within 48 hours of the event or goal you need the tune-up for.

To try a single chakra Pathway free now, tune up your heart chakra and enhance your energy intelligence for any relationship, by clicking here.

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The Chakra System Attunement (CSA)

~ Get a quick chakra system reboot for improved overall energy-body nourishment and function.

~ Improve your cosmic connection and inner-dimensional communication.

~ Increase the power and depth of the Single Chakra Pathways.

The Chakra System Attunement coordinates and balances the function of the seven primary chakras with respect to one another. It also balances secondary chakras associated with various organs, smaller chakras at the joints, as well as the core energy channel and nadi energy system which interconnects them all.

Beyond the core body chakras, the CSA attunes off-body chakras centered in the earth, as well as those above the head connected to your master self, teachers, and guides supporting your soul expression and development.

The Essence Pathways

When we interact with one another, we exchange more than looks or words or even touch. We also exchange energetic essences. These essences flow from different energy pathways within us. When we love someone, they carry the imprint of our heart’s desires and intelligence for that person. These adamantine particles encode qualities that can strengthen and embolden, comfort and heal, cherish and illuminate, and more.
As a result of life’s experiences, we may unconsciously restrict the exchange of certain essences that could help us or help
another. Using the Essence Pathway process, Aliess will help you reopen and reactivate specific essence pathways that will support you in fulfilling your intention.