Deep Change Made Easier

thematiciconThese Thematic Pathways offer you a deeper reflective process for arriving at your positive change or new intention for your Raydiant Pathway.

These Pathways need more time than simply clearing your path, 90 minutes or more.


MlevelFFLMFit for Life Mission

Discover the domain of being fit for your Life Mission, even if you're not sure what your life mission is. Work with a lightware panel specifically designed to access the field of your life mission and "raydance" for what you need to do next to get fit for fulfilling it.


MlevelHeroSelfHero Self

Be inspired by the example of people you admire to help you develop the hero in you! Engage in a simple process to help you bring out the traits of your best self, whether it is courage, patience, enthusiasm, honesty, boldness, tenderness, or strength.


mlevelvitalrrVital R & R

Too many times when we finally get some time off for R & R, we come home not quite nourished, and sometimes even downright disappointed. Go on this Thematic Pathway to help you get what you truly need to have nourishing, enriching vacations and time off for yourself, and with family and friends.



Self-love is essential to enjoying life and experiencing fulfillment. Unfortunately we aren't formally taught how to develop this crucial ability. Turn to this Thematic Pathway to learn more about the different aspects of self-love and engage in a process that promises to help you develop them in yourself.


MlevelShadowTShadow Treasure

Anything we have a strong reaction to, whether it is positive or negative, holds keys to our inner psyche. While the Hero Self Thematic Pathway explores your positive feelings toward another person, the Shadow Treasure Pathway helps you reveal the power and positive aspects hidden in your negative judgements and reactions. Take the Shadow Treasure Raydiant Pathway and transform the negative reactions you are having toward someone into treasure for yourself.

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