Bright Body Pathways Plus

Using the Bright Body Pathways is an excellent way to balance and tune your energy intelligence system. Using any component of these Pathways can help you to feel grounded, focused, centered, and prepared to meet whatever challenge your day might bring, or to deliver any result that is important to you.


Components of Bright Body Pathways Plus Subscriptions


~ Single Chakras

In just minutes, identify, rebalance and tune up excess or deficient function in one or more of your seven primary chakras. Use the free Heart Chakra pathway trial to experience what these are like.

~ Chakra System Attunement

Rebalance and align all the primary chakras in relationship to one another as well as the secondary chakras, the nadi system, and off body chakras connected to the earth, your master Self, teachers, and guides supporting your soul expression and development.

~ Essence Pathways

When we interact with one another, we exchange energetic essences. Unfortunately, as a result of life’s experiences, we may unconsciously restrict the exchange of certain essences that could help us or help another. With this pathway, identify and reactivate specific essence pathways for creating more nourishing interpersonal dynamics.